Alan's Journey

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Alan's Journey


If someone had said to me 2 years ago I would be waiting here to be baptised I would have said “On Yer Bike”

But here I am and have accepted Jesus Christ as my Saviour and dedicated my life to him.

Why did it take me so long to accept Jesus Christ as my saviour ?

Well - when I was a child it was the custom in some Primary Schools for children who were naughty or obtuse to be made to stand in a corner of the classroom with a tall pointed hat on.  Painted on the hat was a big 'D' which stood for dunce.  I was sometimes naughty so had to stand in the corner trying to look as innocent and hard done by as possible. Seriously though I think I should be still wearing that hat but instead of 'D' for Dunce, it would be 'D' for Doubter.

I have always wanted some sort of proof of Gods existence.  Some manifestation of Gods power or Spiritual experience.  It never happened and I had an increasing feeling of spiritual rejection and emptiness especially as I got older. 

Then 2 years ago I was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer.  People began to pray for me – for healing and salvation. I then began to experience a spiritual awakening – this was slow, gentle and wonderful.

Nick my Pastor was pestering me – sorry pastoring me – over this time and I felt myself being drawn closer and closer to the Church.

I realised that to know God you have to believe and then you will begin to understand.  Not the other way round. It’s a process involving your heart and your soul, not your brain.

I was still sitting on the fence and nervous about taking that big step of faith. Nick again intervened and pushed – sorry eased me off – the fence and I made that important commitment to the Lord.

It was such a relief to make a decision.  As in our secular life dithering about when faced with a big decision only makes things worse.  It’s a lot easier to grasp the nettle and go for it.  Especially when deep down you feel it’s the right thing to do.

So how do I feel having made my decision to follow Jesus?

I feel loved
I feel safe
I feel part of a big family (Gods, The Church and Mine)
My heart is singing
My spiritual emptiness has gone

Thank you for your prayers.